Does an online search start at your Website or Google Business Profile?

Nov 28, 2022News

Experts in the field claim that a Google Business Profile is “more important” than a Website!

Have you looked at it lately?

Let’s take a quick look at why your Google Business Profile is so important:

• How do people do to find a business online?
They search for it online … most likely on Google.

• What is the first thing that pops up online?
The Google Business Profile for your business!

• What can searchers find on your Google Business Profile:
Name, address, phone number, website address, and hours of operation.

• Can they link to Google Maps?
This allows them to drive directly to your place of business.

• Is the link to your Website correct?
This is where prospects go to learn more about your business.

Will they also see:

  • descriptions and photos of products and services?
  • recent social posts?
  • lots of recent, frequent, and good reviews?

Here are some recent stats you might find interesting:

We are experienced at:

  • Optimizing a Google Business Profile
  • Social Posting on the profile
  • Requesting and responding to reviews

Can we help your business send out the right messages?

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Cathy White
CEO, Founder, & Marketing Strategist
Wine Works Marketing

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